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Adult Recreational soccer


Adult 11v11 Program Rules


Game Format:
-          Teams should be at the fields ready to play at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled kick-off times. It is important that games kick-off at their scheduled time. A game may begin with a minimum of 8 players although we encourage the other team to loan players in this instance. That decision however is left to the coaches of both teams.
-          Game is played full-sided, 11v11 with goalies
-          Games will consist of two 40 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.
-          Play with a Size 5 soccer ball
Fouls and Misconduct:
-          Conform to FIFA rules with the following exceptions to encourage player safety.
1.     Players may not go to the ground to play the ball or slide-tackle an opponent.
2.     You may not cause contact with the goalkeeper at any time. If the contact is neutral it will be up to the referee’s discretion whether or not a foul has occurred. If any part of the goalie’s hand is on the ball they are deemed in possession.
3.     Offensive language towards other players and/or the referee will not be tolerated. Players will be warned once and then ejected from the game for a second infraction.
4.     Balls in the air can be challenged but players are not allowed to extend their arms or “go through” a player to gain better position.
5.     Overly aggressive contact will be whistled at the referees discretion.
6.     The referee may request that a coach removes a player to cool off if they feel that player is playing out of control.
*If you have an issue with another individual or team please let your coach and the field monitor know first; they will then report it to the Rainbow staff if necessary. Rainbow Soccer will address each instance on an individual basis before taking action. Suspension or league removal will be a consequence for individuals who cannot control themselves while participating with Rainbow.
Additional Rules and Guidelines
§ There will be no scores and standings kept
§ Opposing coaches and players should shake hands after each match.
§ No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products will be allowed or consumed near the playing area.
§ No pets will be allowed on the playing fields.